BerryCart Fit Quiz

Find out if BerryCart is right for you?

1. Is your product all natural and free of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and artificial flavors?
All products on BerryCart are free of artificial flavors and preservatives. 50% are Non-GMO. 50% are Organic. 22% are Nut-Free. 69% are Vegan.
2. Who typical buys your product at the store?
90% of BerryCart users are women. So regardless of who consumes your product, if the shopper is a women, BerryCart may be a good fit.
3. How many stores is your product sold in?
BerryCart performs best for products that are sold in 500 or more stores.
4. Which best describes your advertising strategy?
BerryCart believes that quality is more important that quantity. By attracting users who value quality natural products, BerryCart can deliver the "right" type of repeat customers to you, rather than masses of one-time buyers found in other channels.
5. How important is word-of-mouth advertiser for your product?
Every user who redeems a rebate on BerryCart also writes a review about your product. If word-of-mouth marketing has been effective for your brand, BerryCart reviews can give your brand an additional boosts.